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Our team of qualified coaches will rapidly transform your goals, mind, and actions. With years of experience in employment and their own businesses, they’re an incredible addition to the Vybe365 Associate Coaches team.

And along with our impact commitment to you, you’ll also be gifted with a free, luxury Ringrose Home candle when you join any of our 1:1 coaching programmes.


Let’s work!

Beverley (She/her), Discomfort Zone Coach

Beverley (She/her), Confidence and Creativity Coach

I help people with imposter syndrome (re)gain confidence in their personal and professional lives by releasing fears of failure, rejection and other people’s opinions. Ultimately helping you live without regret. And with my strong background in media, journalism and communications, I also deliver essential leadership, diversity and inclusion skills training to organisations who are committed to the best outcomes for their staff.

Fun Fact 
I used to get stopped regularly for autographs when people mistook me for X-Factor finalist, Hannah Barrett. The faux fame was cool while it lasted, haha.

Andrea Corbett.jpg

Andrea (She/her), Trauma-Informed Mindset Coach

After being diagnosed with a mental health illness and resigning from teaching in 2015, I embarked on a personal development journey. Not wanting others to battle low self-esteem, I studied to become a certified NLP, Hearthealing and Trauma of Money practitioner. In addition, I qualified as a personal trainer, hypnotherapist, and personal finance coach. You can count on me to B.O.U.N.C.C.E forward and rewrite your future.

Fun Fact 

I'm a British Champion & International Professional Bodybuilder 

Jasmine Naomi (She/her), Business and Mindset Coach

Jasmine Naomi (She/her), Business and Mindset Coach

As a certified coach and HR professional, I help corporate professionals, business owners and organisations transform the performance of their systems and strategies. Using a range of coaching tools and techniques, plus my neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expertise, we’ll achieve your desired goals without compromising on your mental health or wellbeing.

Fun Fact 

I can do a good impression of Rod and Tod from the Simpsons. You may or may not get to hear it when we work together - LOL!

Natalie-Claire (She/her), Life Coach for Women in STEM

Natalie-Claire (She/her), Life Coach for Women in STEM

I help women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) start and build their side hustle business in 5-10 hours per week. The goal? To make sure you still have time for all the things you value in life - love, family, fitness and self-care. And how do I know it’s possible? Because I’ve done it for myself and many other women..

Fun Fact 

Being an engineer and entrepreneur, I'm a total girl geek! So, I’m always analysing and designing buildings and structures.

05 - Shanara.jpg

Shanara (She/her), Careers and Wellbeing Coach

I support women from diverse ethnic backgrounds and those working in DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) to achieve more in their careers, while looking after their wellbeing. Using my Workplace Wellbeing, DEI and communications background, I help teams and individuals avoid and overcome burnout. My experience as a two-time British Championship triple jump medalist, overcoming mental and physical health challenges, plus coaching and mentoring GB athletes in their lives outside of sport, informs my practise. 


Fun Fact

I love baking sourdough bread and also - if given the chance - WILL convert others to drinking loose leaf tea, because it tastes waaayyy nicer.


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